Your Lie In April Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Your Lie In April Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Your Lie In April Season 2

When will Your Lie In April Season 2 Release? 

Your Lie in April which is also known by the name of Kimiuso is beautifully written by Takao Yoshioka and directed by Kazuya Iwata under the production of A-1 Pictures. 

It is a Japanese anime series based on music. This series has a massive fan following. This anime series is popular due to its beautiful storyline and fabulous music.


The story is based on the Anime protagonist arima kousei who has learned nothing except playing the piano because his mother wants him to be the best pianist in the world, she was very strict with him and always forced him to play the piano, however, she loves him as well. At the age of 12, he becomes the most popular pianist in his town. Then after the death of his mother, he suddenly became depressed in which life that causes him to quit playing the piano. But After Sometimes A 14 years girl who is a violinist named miyazono kaori comes into his life and his life got completely changed. He started to become more happy and confident. 

When will Your Lie in April Season 2 release? 

No, there won’t be the second season of your lie in April, because the story has already reached a conclusion. 

Your lie in April is a very beautiful music-oriented anime series with eye-catching animation, fantastic character designs, and marvelous music.

Since 2015 the fans have eagerly been waiting for the release of your lie in April season 2 but still, there has not been any official announcement of the release date yet. 

Characters of Your Lie In April:

Kōsei ArimaArima (A popular pianist) Kaori Miyazono (A 14-year-old free-spirited Violinist), Tsubaki Sawabe (Kōsei’s childhood friend and a neighbor), Ryōta Watari (Kōsei’s cousin), Takeshi Aiza (A pianist), Emi Igawa (A pianist), Nagi Aiza (Takeshi’s little sister), Saki Arima (Kōsei’s strict mother), Hiroko Seto (Saki’s close friend) Koharu Seto (Daughter of hiroko), Saitō(A basketball player) , Nao Kashiwagi (A good friend of Tsubaki’s who advise her whenever she is in trouble.). 

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