Hack – Auto Draw, Auto Guesser Hack – Auto Draw, Auto Guesser Hack is an amazing puzzle game by which people get an unforgettable experience, integrating drawing, guessing, and chatting. The game is very simple: many players join the lobby, one player is randomly selected, And draws specific materials on the drawing board.

Other players will see the drawing process in real-time and try to guess what the word is. The faster the player guesses, the more points he gets. The higher the rating of other players on the drawing player, the more points he gets.

The Reason behind the Popularity of

Because is easy to use and can be played on any device. It doesn’t require any special device. You can even play with a poor internet connection.

Therefore, Your internet connection will not restrict you to play this game. 

What is Hack? 

A Hack is a type of bot that helps to circumvent the security measures of Scribble and perform a task that does not comply with game rules. Different hacks are used for different motives. You can choose the hack according to your need. Some of the popular hacks are:

Auto draw, auto guess, word helper, mute choice, brush size swap.

Types of Hack:

1. Auto Guesser Hack 

Auto Guesser hack helps the player of the game to guess the right word by staring at the drawings. It examines the drawing of other players, and tries to provide them with the correct answer and makes you aware of whether the answer is correct or not.

Auto Guesser click here to visit and download.

How to Use Auto Guesser Hack:

First of all, you require to open Chrome and select the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button to add the Tampermonkey extension. After adding, close the tab.

After that go to the Auto Guesser page on Github and press on the URL present under Installation.

Then in order to install the app press on ‘Install.’ After completion close the tab. 

After the completion of the installing process goes to the scrible page and press on the Activate Scribble button in order to allow hacking.

2. Autodraw Hack:

Autodraw hack is the most useful app which is used to draw a picture. If you don’t know how to draw any object than is the best option for you. It will automatically draw images for you, all you need to do it is just upload the picture that you want to get drawn and the rest work will be done by the autodraw hack. 

Download AutoDraw Chrome extension by clicking here.

How to use Autodraw Hack?

In the first step, you need to install the Autodraw Hack script for which you have to visit Github to install it for free.

Now you have to extract the downloaded script with the help of WinRar, 7-Zip, or any other extraction tool. 

After that go to Google Chrome and from the 3-dots visible at the top-right corner, select ‘More’ from the drop-down box, and then select the option Extensions.

Now enable the ‘Developer mode’ option and then select the ‘Load Unpacked’ option. 

Now you need to search the AutoDraw hack script that you were extracted before, select it in order to open the folder, and then press ‘Select Folder.’

Now you can see the AutoDraw hack in Chrome and enabled it by default.

Finally, you can start to play games on by finding the picture from the gallery and upload it into the canvas in order to start hacking.


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