Mob Psych 100 Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Mob Psych 100 Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Mob Psych 100 Season 3

When Will The Mob Psych 100 Season 3 Release? 

Mob Psych 100 is a famous Japanese manga series penned down by One. In April 2012, it was first published on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website. 

Fans can also watch this series on the application of Shogakukan’s which is known as MangaOne. 

The first season was aired between July and September 2016, and even had a 10/10 IDMB rating, making it one of the best series in 2016.

Then the second season came, which was aired from January to April 2019. So far 2 parts of this series have been released, and the fans of this series are now eagerly waiting for the sixth part.


Mob Psych 100 Season 3

The story is adapted from the life of Jingshan Shigio also known as a mob, a young junior high school boy who was mocked for his lack of common sense and survival.

He looks like a normal submissive boy, inconsistent with society, but he has super sensory perception and amazing mental strength.

Mob keeps his feelings suppressed so that his powers will always under control. Because of the scale of his feelings reaches 100%, then his feelings will turn into psychic powers and he will kill his enemies.

When will Mob Psych 100 Season 3 release? 

After a huge response from the fans of the anime, it should have been released much earlier. However, there is not a lot of source material left to make the full season, so the production house may have to turn it into a short OVA episode.

The official date for the release of Mob Psych 100 Season 3 has not been confirmed yet. 

However, it can be assumed that due to the global covid-19 epidemic, the release might be postponed till the end of 2021.

What will the cast of season 3 look like?

Although no official cast list has been released by the makers. However, the list of actors to be seen in mob psych 100 season 3 includes Dimple, Teruki Hanazwa, Governance Arataka, Mr. Ritsu Kagayama, Mr. Thu Suzuki, Haruki Amakusa Dar.

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