High School DxD Season 5 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline

High School DxD Season 5 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline

High School DxD Season 5

Written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama Zero, the High School DXD is a Japanese light novel series which was adopted as an Anime series in 2014. The anime show telecasted on Funimation was written by Takao Yoshioka and directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa.

Four successful seasons of this show has already been released and is quite loved and adored by the fans all over the world. The fifth season of this amazing show was renewed in 2019 and was all set to hit the screens in 2020 but was delayed because of the Covid – 19 pandemic. Word has it that the new season may be released around May 2021.

This fifth season will apparently cover the 11th and 12th volume from the manga series.


Issei Hyodo the main protagonist of the show is a perverted high school student from Kuoh Academy. His most earnest desire is to become a harem king. A tragedy strikes him as he is killed by his first date, Yumma who is later revealed to be a fallen angel. Issei is later revived by Rias Gremory, the crimson haired school beauty who is actually a devil and wants Issei Hyodo to serve her and her devil family.

This series is set among the times when there was a massive struggle between the devils, the fallen angels and the angels and it follows the life of Issei as his fate forces him on an adventure in these unknown realms.

Issei’s growing attraction and their happening relationship with Rias threatens the power of the Angels, the fallen angels and the devils alike and causes great havoc and chaos among them who then plot and plans to separate the two forever.

High School DxD Season 5

The fifth season of the show may start with Middle Class Promotion Test where Akeno, Issei and Kiba prepare to ace the test. Around the same time, Koneko begins to act dubiously creating a lot of suspicion both in the minds of the fellow characters as well as the audiences.

Koneko also comes to know about Issei’s and Rias’s relationship and is not very happy about it.

Meanwhile, Issei is shown working on his skills to survive this chaotic world in which he is struck right now.

It will be interesting to see the turn of events that is going to take place in this upcoming season of this series.  This season is much awaited as it may be deciding season of Issei’s and Rias’s relationship. And we may also see the action of the villains in action.


The 5th season of this amazing show was expected to hit the screens in May 2020 but was delayed because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The audiences were pretty much excited for this season as this season was renewed in 2019 only but the universe had other plans.

The viewers have gotten more desperate for this season as the 4th season did not live up to the audience’s reaction. However, the makers have completely sealed their mouths regarding the release date of this much awaited season.

At the moment, all we can do is keep an eye on the online forums for the release date of this much awaited season of this series.

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